Bolt Off has proved to be an effective and superior product for a number of applications in my work as a Coal Mine Pump Technician and also for my hobby as a 4WD enthusiast. Whether bolts are old or new, corroded or otherwise, I apply Bolt Off to ensure quick and easy removal. I have found that Bolt Off penetrates corrosion much faster than other products, which can save a lot of time on jobs. I also use Bolt Off to lubricate the chainsaw when cutting poly pipes. Bolt Off is great for this, because it does not leave an oily residue on the pipes; instead it easily wipes off the pipes prior to welding. Bolt Off works quickly and makes jobs a hell of a lot easier.

Coal Mine Pump Technician (Jordan North)

At Martins Stock Haulage Oakey we use Bolt Off as our preferred penetrating liquid as it’s the only product we have found that helps reduce time in replacing stubborn, rusty and stuck parts after the vehicles roll in after a dusty and rough trip through Queensland.

Martins Stock Haulage

If you’ve got something rusty that you want to move, Bolt Off will get the job done.

McGinns Engineering Supplies