Bolt Off was initially scientifically developed to meet the needs of a large solar salt company. They had a variety of fixed and mobile plant in a corrosive environment requiring ongoing maintenance. Primarily they needed a versatile, fast acting and slow evaporating penetrant, both in bulk and aerosol packaging. They also preferred for this product to act as a preventative against corrosion and not harm rubber components. Bolt Off was the solution.

Bolt Off is proudly owned by Pacbalt Pty Ltd trading as ‘Bolt Off Solutions’. This company, which initially traded as ‘Bellando’, was formed in 1995 by two Mackay district residents.

In the beginning Pacbalt Pty Ltd manufactured a broad range of products but their most prized was Bolt Off, a penetrating and releasing agent which they were confident had the ability to supersede all other similar products.

Bolt Off was tried and tested by the original owner’s husbands (both farmers) for a number of applications with impressive results. Confident with their product, it was not unusual for these original owners to leave cartons of Bolt Off with retailers with payment due on successful sale.

Simply relying on word of mouth and demonstrated superior performance, the popularity of Bolt Off grew significantly over the next 20 years of its own accord.

Preserving the family business, Christine Lewis, a central Queensland resident and daughter to one of the original owners, purchased the company in 2015 with the objective of making Bolt Off a leading penetrant and releasing agent in Australia.

It was at this time that Pacbalt Pty Ltd commenced trading as ‘Bolt Off Solutions’ – this name was considered appropriate since Bolt Off was originally developed as a solution to a problem.

With the support of her husband and young family, Christine’s goal is now well on its way to becoming a reality. Notwithstanding its humble beginnings in Australia, Bolt Off’s distribution continues to expand of its own accord. Bolt Off is now widely distributed around Queensland, already has some stockists in New South Wales, Northern Territory and Western Australia and was first shipped internationally in early 2016.

Bolt Off Solutions is proud that their product is not only a proven performer but more so because it is 100% manufactured, owned and operated in Australia.

The future is looking promising.

Bolt Off is a high grade extreme penetrant and releasing agent for severely rusted and seized parts. Bolt Off has been tested against more expensive and better known products with superior results. We have always had good customer feedback with Bolt Off. Wyntech Rockhampton has been selling Bolt Off for over 18 years.

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