Penetrant & Releasing Agent

A multipurpose penetrant, releasing agent, lubricant and corrosion inhibitor with extensive applications. BOLT OFF is used on a variety of sites in a number of industries, including general, mechanical and industrial maintenance, engineering, manufacturing, farming, mills, mining, drilling, plumbing, piping, concreting plants, marine, automotive, construction, commercial, domestic, home handyperson and hobbies.

Specific uses include:

  • Loosening rusted and seized metal parts
  • Lubricating air driven tools and firearms
  • Storing dies
  • Dismantling equipment
  • Faster cleaning, cutting and honing
  • Cleaning and protection of concreting tools
  • Displacing and driving moisture off metal surfaces, distributors, spark plugs and wet engines
  • Cutting rust, red or white lead, tar, grease, dirt and deposits of carbon and graphite without injury to basic metal, rubber or wood
  • Lubricating moving parts and stopping squeaks eg doors, hinges, wheels and rollers
  • Preventing against further corrosion

Bolt Off Features & Benefits

  • Convenient packaging in bulk or aerosol – EASY TO USE
  • Works fast where other products fail – QUICK JOB RESULT
  • Helps prevent further corrosion – LESS DOWN TIME SAVING TIME, LABOUR AND MATERIALS
  • Slower evaporation and deeper penetration – PRODUCT ECONOMY
  • Lower toxicity – PRODUCT SAFETY
  • Safe on all metals – USE ANYWHERE WITH CONFIDENCE
  • Restores unusable parts – LOWER REPAIR COSTS
  • Contains no acids – SAFE ON METAL PARTS
  • Does not harm rubber – SAFE AROUND EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT
  • Displaces and drives moisture off surfaces – WATERPROOF FILM FOR ADDITIONAL PROTECTION
  • Not an oil – NO DIRT BUILD UP
  • Very economical – A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY
  • Australian made, owned and operated – SUPPORTS LOCAL INDUSTRY

Available in different sizes

  • 400g aerosol
  • 5 litre fluorinated container
  • 20 litre drum

On a job several years ago, I tried just about everything to remove a seized exhaust manifold stud. The usual methods and products [such as] CRC Freeze, soaking and heating, would not shift it. On the recommendation of Julie Hillman of Hillman Motors Rockhampton, I tried Bolt Off. It took only a few squirts and a couple of hours soaking time and the stud screwed straight out. I have since continued to use Bolt Off on a regular basis in my work and recommend to any workshop ‘if in doubt, get the Bolt Off out’.

VJL Enterprises - Heavy Diesel Field Service Technician

"I have a mobile motor vehicle repair operation and for the past three years have been using the BOLT OFF product in a range of applications. Initially it was used as a release agent which proved very effective. I then moved it onto cleaning and protecting various rusty components and again it has proven very effective. It is now my product of choice for these applications and is used almost daily. I know of it also being used by gun and fishing enthusiasts. I can testify to its quality and effectiveness as above.

STRUTMAN – Strut Re-gas Central Coast